hi im finley
this is my art blog
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hi ive moved blogs on my main because i want a fresh start and im not going to be posting here anymore i might make a blog for my art again in the future but for now itd be really cool if you could follow my new blog here !! otherwise goodbye cuz this blog is abandoned :-)

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Red…………….Th e color of Desire

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i wanted to make a fursona that fits me better i guess idk

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i wasnt gonna actually draw this seriously but i ended up doing it anyway

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i deleted a good chunk of my old art bye bye

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redraw of this ?? ? 6_9

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juneketsu: I just wanna say i LOVE your art! I love the colors used. very cute style. I don't why i wasn't following you before. ////

AA THANK U!!!!! im glad u like it www!!

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pen pressure stopped working thanks

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